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Benefits of Workplace Giving

Why not join other Denver Metro area companies, institutions and other organization that have partnered with Caring Connection? There is no longer an exclusive model and they recognize that by adding Caring Connection to their unique workplace giving campaign it is the right thing to do for our community.


According to a report published by America’s Charities and The Consulting Network (Campaigns at the Crossroads - Changing Direction: Developing Employee-Friendly Workplace Campaigns with Technology and Best Practices, 2006.),

Employer Benefits Include:

  • An effective campaign sends a strong message that the organization is interested in engaging employees.
  • The campaign helps build a sense of community among the workforce.
  • Workplace giving is another demonstration of being a good corporate citizen and helps improve an employer’s image in the community and among key stakeholders.
  • Employees look favorably on their employer for conducting a charitable campaign.
  • The program provides opportunities for employee involvement and team building experiences.
  • The campaign can be an effective tool to improve employee morale, relations and retention.

Employee Benefits Include:

  • Employees like having the feeling of helping others.
  • The campaign is an opportunity to provide exposure to charities and the services they offer in the community.
  • The campaign provides a one-stop charitable giving opportunity to employees.
  • Employees continue to value the ease and convenience of payroll deduction.

To obtain a full copy of this report, go to www.charities.org.

Improve Employee Relations

Trends indicate that America’s changing work environment favors employee empowerment and involvement. An expanded campaign places more control and responsibility in the hands of employees. It can energize and ramp up an annual campaign while employees often develop a greater awareness of community issues and potential volunteer opportunities.

Employees who value a diverse range of options in their giving appreciate workplace charitable choice.

Enhance Your Role in the Community

As you know, people in the community appreciate companies that support local charitable programs. Workplace campaigns are an effective, low cost tool to enhance a company’s image among key stakeholders and the general public. By adding Caring Connection through an expanded campaign, you encourage investment that strengthens a positive company image while helping to meet community needs.

According to researchers in the field of socially responsible investing, an expanded workplace giving campaign is one sign of a more thoughtful, innovative approach to corporate philanthropy.


Workplace Giving campaigns provide employees and managers an opportunity to work together in a major charitable campaign. The campaigns are fun and spirited, with employees from many levels of the company forming a committee and working toward a common goal. The nonprofit organizations you are helping support can speak to your employees about their programs and the importance of employee donations to the people they serve. Federations like Caring Connection can provide a lot of help in running a campaign.

Studies show that giving through Payroll Deduction is three times more effective than simply writing a check. Why?

First, spreading out your donation over the course of a year allows smaller, more manageable amounts to be taken out of your paycheck; that allows people to give more overall. Second, the money is deducted automatically without the employee ever touching it, so the decision to pledge only needs to be made once a year. It also gives employees a stake in the community.

Payroll deduction lets every employee be a Workplace Philanthropist!

Make a Donation

If you would like to contribute directly to Caring Connection, you can use the Giving First button. If you have an unwanted vehicle you would like to donate, click on the Cars Helping Charities button.